TC Equipment Comparision

Nowadays, There are so many Tempreture Control equipment in the market. if you want buy one, we need to do some comparision.
Today, we Compare Sx mini M Class with iStick TC 40w.

Sx mini M Class using the latest sea SX350J temperature control chip, SX350J has more powerful than DNA40 chip, sx mini also adopted the 2 M Class batteries 18650 batteries, but the figure is much smaller than other similar products, power regulation scope for 5 watts – 60 watts, mechanical mode up to 80 watts, minimum support resistance 0.08 ohms, M Class also built-in accelerometer system, you can through the mobile switching around the menu, but I don't know if this is an advantage, for the first time use the feeling is very novel, but with a period of time after feeling really is not very convenient.and it is also a little expensive, $199.99 at the market.
However,compared with Sx mini M Class. The Eleaf iStick TC40w only need $39.9. the first you saw this price, may doubt the quility of it. that is the point.
Acctually, it is have a very good quility and the good review from the comstomers,and you can own a good after service, only if you buy it form the office web site. you may don't know which is the certified website, Do't worry, I know that is