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Toothpaste selecting

Stop using if you it feels like sands
Cleaning the dirt on the surface of the teeth is done through the toothpaste abrasive. Therefore, the abrasive quality is the main criterion to distinguish the quality of toothpaste. Inferior abrasive can make enamel more and more fragile, wear of the bridging part of teeth and gums and cause gingival recession.
To see whether a abrasive is of good quality, one should pay attention to the evenness, fineness and smoothness of the cream. When brushing your teeth, pay attention to the texture of the toothpaste. If it is coarse or you feel sand particles stagnant in your mouth, you should stop using. In addition, the choice of the toothpaste flavor is also very important, especially for children. Choosing toothpaste of the suitable taste helps prolong your teeth brushing duration.
Fluoride toothpaste is the best choice to relieve tooth decay
As much as 82% of adults have the phenomenon of gingival recession. Gingival recession is the cause to tooth decay. Fluoride toothpaste is the exclusive choice for relieving tooth decay. Fluoride has both the decontamination and cleaning function of the ordinary toothpaste and have the effect of caries prevention. The application of fluoride toothpaste has got the acknowledgement of oral medicine circle and has almost replaced the previous common toothpastes on the market.
What needs to be reminded is, preschool children can swallow down some fluoride toothpaste when brushing the teeth and get affected by stomach discomforts. Hence, children should not use much fluoride toothpaste.
Medicinal toothpaste alone won't cure dental disease
Many drug toothpastes on the market, such as antiseptic and antiphlogistic type has certain effect on gum inflammation. In toothpaste containing drugs or other substances have certain preventive or alleviation effect on periodontal disease but because of the short duration and limited effect, they cannot make the cut for being treating measures for gingivitis and periodontitis, bleeding gums, teeth, sensitiveness and other oral diseases. If any discomfort appears, make sure to go for professional treatment.

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